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      About Us

      Bengbu Ruifeng Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in glass deep processing equipment, research and development, manufacturing and sales.More

      Patented Technologies
      Joint Ventures
      Professional Teams

      Customer Cases

      Concept and Design

      Cooperation project: glass cutting water
      A glass manufacturer in Zhangzhou

      Home Extensions

      Cooperation project: glass machinery production equipment

      A glass equipment distributor in Wenzhou

      Internal Renovations

      Cooperation project: automatic glass cutting

      Kitchens and Bathrooms

      Cooperation project: automatic glass cutting line equipment
      Customer Name: A glass equipment distributor in Wenzhou

      Why choose Ruifeng

      Technical R&D team Quality assurance

      ? Experienced technical research and development personnel, long-term product development and testing, and strive to provide consumers with satisfactory products;
      ??Based on the original glass deep processing equipment, the product performance is continuously updated to ensure the quality and cost performance of the product.

      Complete product range

      ??Focus on the development of glass cutting machines, automatic circular cutting machines and other glass machinery products, and now has a high level of production technology
      ??The product has a wide range of applications and is suitable for cutting, edging and cleaning of various glass. Meet the needs of various glass processing companies.

      Private order service perfect

      ? According to the customer's production and processing methods, you can customize your glass deep processing equipment and have technicians perform debugging and technical guidance and training after installation.
      ??Set up a dedicated after-sales service department to provide you with one-stop after-sales service. Let you have no worries.

      Sharing value, creating the future together

      ? We create a user experience that is both appealing and influential. Innovate details to influence product value and gain insight into business opportunities
      ? We work with the world's most influential brands and are fully committed to helping emerging brands. We help our customers achieve capacity upgrades

      Our Team

      Welcome to our team and we will help our customers achieve value breakthroughs.

      Our Footprint

      Customer first, service forever.
      Contact Us

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      Focus on automatic glass cutting machine equipment development | production | sales

      Product Category

      Contact Us

      ?   No. 6, Shengli East Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province
      ?   0552-4925198
      ?  +86-13309659677    


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